Maelstrom Storytelling – System Mastery 139

1997, a dark year indeed.  Bad Batman movies and stuff.  Seriously, it was not a good scene, unless you were crazy for middling swing music.  But hey, this book came out, and it wasn’t terrible!  It’s Maelstrom Storytelling, and while it’s a little funky and the art is not art, it’s at least a neat concept!

4 responses to “Maelstrom Storytelling – System Mastery 139

  1. I just picked this up from HPB a few weeks ago. Haven’t quite found the courage to crack it open, and now I don’t have to!

  2. How do I get you to insult my heart breaker rpg? Pretty sure I’ve paid enough for a tangent since I’ve been subbed from day… 25? Fuck my shit up @
    Or don’t, you’re busy.

    • I’ll do it!
      You’re RPG book is so bad, it’s not even an RPG book. It’s just a bunch of files on Google Drive. It sure looks terrible, though. Please feel free to resend it when it’s a book.

      PS. I tried to delete some of the files in there. Let me know if it worked.

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