Kult – System Mastery 137

We’ve seen a lot of requests for this game, and now we understand why.  Come along, won’t you, on the game preachers in the 80s wished actually existed so they had something to condemn beyond nerds doing math about elves.

11 responses to “Kult – System Mastery 137

  1. I loved Kult. The background, anyway. The game system was not all that good, so I used another system to play with it. The universe here makes Call of Cthulhu look like My Little Pony. Radically good ideas. Translated from the Swedish game it shows that Swedes may be insane. I have other games from there and those are also very intense. The Swedish version of Kult was so intense one of the adventures was never translated because the US publisher felt it would be so shocking Americans could not take it. Like when Steve Jackson Games turned In In Nomine Satanis into In Nomine and turned it from a pretty good and dark game into some kind “safe for American consumption” BS.The American publisher was holding back knowing how nutballs here would flip their lid. Heck, in Sweden the game was blamed for a variety of devilish incidents, and their nutball percentage is far below ours.
    Another thing holding it back was lousy production for most of the releases, although the book about magic which was really cool.

  2. Possibly the best episode yet. My eyeballs were squirting with joy from sex murderer all the way through the second bout of CW Goof Troop. Great analysis and top-notch nerd comedy. Thank you for bringing a little extra joy to my life.

  3. I am 100% onboard for CW Goof Troop if they make everything all edgy and sexed up except for Goofy himself, who is identical in appearance and personality to his appearance in the original Goof Troop.

  4. “Well garsh, Pete! What are all these bodies doing here?”
    “I’m the sex-murderer, ya goof!”
    “Well, hobbies are important I guess.”
    “Damnit, how do I reach you?!”

  5. You got messed up because it’s JCVD who has the two word movie titles and Steven Segall who has the three word titles. You used Segall’s one exception to this as your guide, which is where you went wrong.

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