Expounded Universe 62 – 28 Parsecs Later

Whoa, zombies have entered the building!  They’re coming in!  Hold on, is that a quote from a horror movie or something?  I should ask Jon. In the meantime, here’s some Star Wars zombie times!

3 responses to “Expounded Universe 62 – 28 Parsecs Later

  1. I love the ‘Murican pride over our tragically maligned pies. Is there Twitter beef with Paul over this? System Mastery should start some.

  2. So that’s the way you scientific Jedi work. My god! for a fat, middle-aged, hard-boiled, pig-headed guy, you’ve got the vaguest way of doing things I ever heard of.

  3. Those are my exact thoughts when I saw that episode of the GB Bake Off. Eff Paul Hollywood with a chainsaw.

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