Movie Mastery – Black Mountain Side (2014)

Back with one last stab at some horror before the last of October’s spookiness gives way to too much food and presents. This one has both of us in agreement on the quality of the film. Does this mean Jef finally liked a horror movie? No. It does not.

2 responses to “Movie Mastery – Black Mountain Side (2014)

  1. In case you haven’t seen the memo yet, New Warriors will have ten episodes in its first season, and Squirrel Girl is played by Milana Vayntrub (who currently voices the character in Marvel Rising).

  2. Man, the reviews for this one are waaaaay too generous – the lowest I could find was a 6/10. They all seem to be “Well, it wasn’t as bad as some other movie that ripped off The Thing!” as if that’s some sort of accomplishment

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