Beyond the Supernatural – System Mastery 132

It’s Ween again, my friends!  Joyous Ween to you all!  But sadly this year White Ween was simply out of the question.  So we searched far and wide for a suitable replacement, and settled on a company that we already had two horror books from!  Surprising indeed!  Come along with us, won’t you, on a tour of the Palladium take on Call of Cthulhu sort of, packed with bizarre, ineffectual character classes and z-grade psychic powers.  It’s Old Ween on System Mastery!

8 responses to “Beyond the Supernatural – System Mastery 132

  1. Having read the V5 corebook, I can provide some context. The “Who are the Brujah?” section in the book (page 65) lists “…the neo-nazi claiming to be ‘alt-right’…” as one example of how the clan’s desire for rebellion can reach too deep. This edition takes the stance of playing a monster as one of it’s core tenants, and is very careful to draw a line between character beliefs and player beliefs. The game doesn’t promote neo-Nazi or ‘alt-right’ thinking, and in fact, condemns it. Appendix III, “Advice for Considerate Play” talks about this, sexual violence in play, and a number of very good safety calibration techniques. From the section on “Facism in Play”: “Vampire: The Masquerade is not a fascist-friendly game. If you are a neo-Nazi, ‘alt-righter’, or whatever you’re calling yourself nowadays, we urge you to put this book down and call someone who you trust to talk about where you went so wrong in your life.” The section goes on to discuss the story-based redemption possibilities for fascist characters and non-player characters.

  2. Palladium is far from the second fantasy RPG. Tunnels & Trolls in 1975 is more likely and probably three or four more between that and Palladium. Palladium may have been the second widespread in North America one though. TnT did really well in Japan where Polyhedrals were hard to find.

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