deadEarth – System Mastery 126

Often considered in the top ten worst RPGs ever made, there’s a lot of weird choices in here.  A lot of bad, weird choices.  Thrill at the majesty of a D1000 table with maybe 500 ideas on it with us as we tackle the grim dystopia of deadEarth.

10 responses to “deadEarth – System Mastery 126

  1. So, deadEarth is basically Gamma World by way of Traveller, filtered through the same dumbass tone as Human Occupied Landfill, with bits of Palladium and FATAL sprinkled in for good measure. Does any of that sound accurate or am I mistaken?

  2. How dare you imply you can order tater tots at Taco Bell here in Wisconsin! You get them from Taco John’s, but they Mexican it up by calling them “potato oles”.
    All kidding aside, we’ve actually got a pretty solid selection of authentic Mexican restaurants to choose from, as Wisconsin has had a steady flow of migrant workers come in and work on the area farms for decades.
    You did get the cheese ratio correct though :)

  3. I ran this a while back, it’s a beautiful train wreck of a system, the same enjoyment you can get from watching a bad movie.

    (Yes, I’m from Madison, WI)

  4. It’s 1/36 chance to roll any particular doubles, including 2 and 12. Doubling those chances, it’s a 1/18 to get either of 2 or 12.

    I honestly really love this system. As a system to actually play, it’s a train wreck at best, and it’s definitely got some FATAL-isms, but I can’t stay mad at a game where a rocket-launcher wielding skier with an aversion to human contact and a knack for negotiating with evolution is not just a possible character, but relatively tame. Maybe I just had the misfortune of encountering this before Gamma World, and the good fortune of discovering it through the RPG Forum thread on it, where people had a great deal of fun with the game, partially by misreading it (that’s where the “eat lightning and piss napalm” meme came from, by the way, not the official marketing).

  5. I know I’m 2 years late on this, but I shot my drink out of my nose at “comcompelsu.”

    I kinda feel bad for this system. I feel like a tongue-in-cheek, super random post-apocalyptic RPG is a concept that has merit in a system that doesn’t take an hour to make a character.

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