Albedo: Platinum Catalyst – System Mastery 124

Behold a galaxy of unchecked exploration and progress, as made by very fussy little animals that don’t like to be touched.  It’s sort of like if the Wind in the Willows was about space, and also Mr. Toad wasn’t there because he was too excitable.  Also, Jef’s back!

5 responses to “Albedo: Platinum Catalyst – System Mastery 124

  1. The Star Fleet thing is actually not quite right. When Franz Joseph wrote and illustratyed the Star Fleet Technical Manual in the 1970s he contacted Paramount and asked for the copyright on the book because he had done so much work on it. The licensing suit at Paramount, not thinking it meant anything because WTF it’s Star Trek, said okay and he filed the copyright forms. As the holder he is able to license his own work, which is the book. He did, and that is how Steve V. “Almost as Bad as Simbieda to Fans” Cole got it. Oh those days before Lucas made licensing more important than the films themselves.

    Oh, SVC is a jerk. Same as Simbieda, hoarding his IP like a fat dragon, attacking players for any reason even if he lets others do it, and writing articles about how TNG ruined Star Trek and if only he had ran the show it would be so much better. Serioulsy. I need to find the article. It is in their SFB magazine I had something published. Read some of his SFB fiction and then you will think the worst of Star Trek was Emmy winning writing.

  2. So, it’s not a comic STRIP, it’s a comic BOOK, and though it’s 20 years old, it hasn’t been running for most of that time. If anyone’s interested in reading it, though, Steve Galacci has been posting it to his website 1 page at a time as a webcomic, ( which means you don’t have to do what I did and spend entirely too much money on collectors comics from the 80s.

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