Expounded Universe 30 – Greedo and Gallant

The sad tale of Greedo is such a comedy of terrible decisions and avoidable circumstance that the only thing it’s missing is a Ron Howard voiceover.  We follow the suck-fingered bounty hunter on his journey from little jerk kid to little jerk teenager and beyond (well, not that much beyond, you all know how this one ends)!

Got Star Wars questions?   We’ve got answers.  Send them to the usual place, systemmastery@gmail.com.

2 responses to “Expounded Universe 30 – Greedo and Gallant

  1. So, we know that Chewbacca is viewed by many as a dog.
    We know he says “HARRRN”.
    Does that make him a … HARRRNDOG?

  2. Huh, the Solo movie confirmed their “The Millenium Falcon was stuffed with capes” theory.

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