Expounded Universe 25 – Unlimited Salad and Dogsticks

We’re building to a crescendo here, we just know it!  This whole book definitely can’t go by with the most exciting action scene being Leia escaping from a tow truck, no sir!  Anyway this time Hethrir reveals his villainous plan, Han has a real problem, and fan favorite character the Chamberlain’s wyrwulf makes a stunning reappearance!

Got Star Wars questions?   We’ve got answers.  Send them to the usual place, systemmastery@gmail.com.

2 responses to “Expounded Universe 25 – Unlimited Salad and Dogsticks

  1. So, one thing I can say about Shadows of the Empire is at least you all seemed to enjoy reading it. I mean it’s garbage; I read it to see if it was really as gross and terrible as you said it was. (And it was indeed.)

    I mean, at least Xizor was fun to read being gross and incompetent for a certain quality of fun.

    This book is just…dull.

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