Brave New World – System Mastery 115

So this is Brave New World.  What’s in the core book?  Enough superhero stuff to sort of play, if you call this playing.  A wizard class with no spells, a gadget class with no gadgets, and four or five superheroes mostly relegated to “slightly stronger than a normal guy.”  Buy more books for actual content!

Okay, so on research it turns out Houdini died in 1926?  Whoops.  Please be sure to excoriate Jef in the comments for that gaffe!

4 responses to “Brave New World – System Mastery 115

  1. I gotta say, you don’t tear into the Quirks system enough. You mention it’s unbalanced, but if anything you undersell it.

    Like, One For All lets you punch so hard you rearrange weather patterns, while Flyswatter lets you… reach slightly further away. And they both just count as quirks!

    Really, it just feels unbalanced.

  2. this game seriously pissed me off. to actually PLAY the game you needed like a dozen other books, but only about half the intended books ever actually were released.

  3. I know you don’t do research about this game, but one of the secrets is that everyone who has super powers has died and come back to life, which is how Houdini is a Bargainer. Alphas, it turns out have a SECOND death. The whole game is fucked.

  4. The same problems continue in most of the add-on books by the way.

    I love the setting, but man those mechanics.

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