Tomorrow Knights – System Mastery 112

Interesting note that we missed because we didn’t do any research:  Tomorrow Knights here is a Marvel property.  Which makes this a Marvel RPG.  We had no idea.  Thrill to the workings of an author that also wrote, for Marvel, FIVE issues of a weekly fanzine about Return of the Jedi in 1984… and also, this comic!

2 responses to “Tomorrow Knights – System Mastery 112

  1. How did this game ever get made? I don’t see a market for this, considering it came out almost fifteen years and was a limited run comic. It’s not like something that took the world by storm. And if we’re going for limited run comics worthy of a roleplaying game from the ’90s, it would have to be Hammerlocke or something like the Marvel UK MysTech continuity, specifically Warheads.

    Or Marshal Law, although Ray Winninger’s Underground is perhaps the closest take to this.

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