Extreme Vengeance – System Mastery 111

On today’s episode we discuss Extreme Vengeance, an RPG dedicated almost entirely to recreating the feel of gung-ho action movies (there is a sliver reserved for unrelentingly dragging Hulk Hogan).  Big guns, big biceps, and actually well-thought out rules to follow.

5 responses to “Extreme Vengeance – System Mastery 111

  1. If you want to think of movies that have wound tracking, Escape From New York has that, since Plissken gets shot with a crossbow to the leg when rescuing the President in the train, and limps for the rest of the movie. You also have stuff like Man On Fire, where Cressey is mortally wounded and running around on borrowed time, and John Wick, where the movie opens with a flash forward with Wick almost dead from the movie. Also, I’m guessing Wick would be considered a “girlyman” since he does several action scenes wearing a rifle plate carrier under his suit jacket.

  2. The Hulk Hogan hate probably comes from how he was fucking with the WCW at the time this was published. Cause wouldn’t this be right around the time when the nWo started getting shit?

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