Expounded Universe 15 – Horrible Dogs

Welcome to season 2!  No more Xizor.  No more Dash Rendar.  I know!  It’s sad!  But don’t worry, dear listeners, because some things never change.  Like Leia being grossed out by aliens, or Chewbacca getting beat up every few minutes!  We’ve got all that and more in the second book of our continuing saga, as we take on The Crystal Star!

Got Star Wars questions?   We’ve got answers.  Send them to the usual place, systemmastery@gmail.com.

One response to “Expounded Universe 15 – Horrible Dogs

  1. Leia has been to Kashyyyk since Life Day. In the Thrawn trilogy, she goes there to hide out. It’s where she first encounters the Noghri and learns she smells like Vader, so they end up not assassinating her.

    It’s also where they come up with one the most stupid contrivances I recall reading in a Star Wars book, where there is a Wookie that has a speech impediment that makes it sound like he speaks Basic. Not that he learned Basic and speaks it with rolling r’s and such, just a speech impediment that his Wookie-speak sounds like Basic. And what he is saying in his impediment-laced Wookie-Speak is what he means in Basic. Like all these people here who speak with a lisp that makes it sound like they are speaking French and what they are saying in English sounds just like the intended words in French.

    It leads to Leia, once again bashing on Chewbacca with her Alderan Privilege. As upon meeting this new fellow and hearing him talk, she turns to Chewbacca and says “Let me guess, you have a speech impediment and never told us.”

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