In Theaters Now – Justice League

Beloved heroes will come together in a climactic story that will both shock and entertain you as you see the spectacle you’ve been waiting years for. That’s not until Avengers: Infinity War comes out, though, so for now you can also watch a movie where bad versions of DC heroes get clowned on until they rely on Superman Ex Machina to save the day.

4 responses to “In Theaters Now – Justice League

  1. The Icelandic word for Batman is actually Leðurblökumaðurinn. That may be different in a country where Batman is a real person and not a comic character, though.

  2. The one other problem I had with characterization in the movie was they kept trying to make Batman do the whole Tony Stark wisecracking thing which…Doesn’t really work with Batman. Like, Batman is pretty consistently portrayed as the most dour, humourless motherfucker in the universe even in the adaptations where he’s not a brooding super serious asshole.

  3. I find I usually have the opposite opinion, kinda liked BvS and SS, didn’t care for WW- but this movie . . . most of the movie looks like a video game, both VFX and environments. Batflek was good in BvS, like a brick shit-house kicking the crap out of some thugs but here, in the hoverjet with his mask off he just looks like an absolute doofus. Flash was unfunny, can’t top Xmen’s Quicksilver. The villains are just generally terrible and I would agree with the colouring, I would have much preferred Zak Snyder’s brown-filtered look like BvS to this. And the worst part of the story for me is that it sets it up with some big mystery about these symbols Batman keeps seeing and then WW just shows up and tells him the whole story. Why waste our time with that mystery shit if we’re just going to get a bunch of unearned exposition.

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