Expounded Universe 3 – Rendar Unto Xizor What Is Xizor’s

In this episode Vader doesn’t look back, Luke blows up TIE fighters, Lando and Leia fly around with Dash, Luke blows up TIE fighters, Xizor visits Space Tony Roma’s, a Place for Space Ribs, Luke destroys TIE fighters, and to cap it all off, Luke destroys TIE fighters.  Enjoy!

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2 responses to “Expounded Universe 3 – Rendar Unto Xizor What Is Xizor’s

  1. I think you’re getting up to the part with the Bothans soon, so, fun fact: the Shadows of the Empire RPG sourcebook had a little vignette where the one survivor of the Bothan spies who steal the Death Star plans is ambushed by another group of Bothans working for Heir to the Empire’s Borsk Fey’lya, who steal the plans from him so Fey’lya takes the credit, because he is the fucking worst.

  2. about the Thing with the Droids, ol’ Sheev was mighty paranoid and a HUUUUUUGE Control freak, Droids a both a liability and a potential security breach. so its easier to take a lot of shitty stormtroopers instead of a “few” elite Droids. which leads to the next point, Stormtroopers are Numerous as fuck, even mass produced the droids probably couldn’t reach their number. easier to brainwash to probably.

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