The End is Near – Afterthought 56

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Our trip report, a little more musing on the nature of the 200 Word RPG, and a big scary announcement.  Also listener questions and dumb jokes!

4 responses to “The End is Near – Afterthought 56

  1. Alternatively, instead of Paranoia, Tomb of Horrors could work in Eclipse Phase as a gatecrasher dig on some exoplanet or some exhuman horrorshow habitat that Firewall agents are trying to shutdown.

  2. I suppose that I’ll write a haiku about my feelings.

    Dear Afterthought
    I may cry about this news
    rest in peace, podcast

  3. Did you guys forget about Doctor Magnethands when talking about your AP experience? Those episodes were fantastic.

    As for Afterthought going away, I’ll miss it but your reasoning makes sense and I’m looking forward to Expounded Universe and whatever else you get up to.

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