Peas and Carrots – Afterthought 54

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Vacation recaps!  Settling if we’re too mean about LARPing.  Questions from you!  It’s an action packed adventure through wonderment and buffoonery!

7 responses to “Peas and Carrots – Afterthought 54

  1. In regards to merchants roleplaying, R. Talsorian’s Cyberpunk has Fixers, who are essentially dealers either in illegal goods or information.

    Also, there now needs to be a review (or at least an opening) done in the manner of Rick and Morty.

  2. The Lady of Pain is just a bunch of rats and daggers using a wand of telekinesis to pull a fast one on the multiverse. The dabus are in on it.

  3. Our karaoke group always had the rule “unless you’ve been up to the mic at least once, you have no valid opinion on the quality of the singing.” (especially for that friend who shows up and never sings)

  4. First off, it was three questions, not five, ya big babies.
    Secondly, thanks so much for answering my dumb question.
    Thirdly, Fierstein’s line was “Say g’bye to those who knew me!” – you’re thinking of Jerry Tondo.
    Fourthly, if you’re hurting for questions, why keep my two other dumb questions in reserve? You know, the ones you didn’t answer because you were SO busy…
    Fifthly… seriously, HUGE thanks for that.

  5. Tony Jay (may he rest in peace) was the VA for Frollo, including the singing parts. Usually I expect musical sections to be voiced separately from spoken sections of a given character’s dialogue, but in this case it turns out that the Elder God really could sing.

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