Sick Bros – Afterthought 48

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I’m gonna be honest here, I was not well while recording this and I literally do not remember what pretense we used for the discussion portion.  I think it probably had something to do with Babylon 5, but give me some credit, this episode is bracketed by various phases of barf.

18 responses to “Sick Bros – Afterthought 48

  1. Baloon people are from Fantasy Imperium. They show up sometimes when you cast the Magic Cloud spell, and have no description other than that.

    • That’s right! Thanks! Also sure. DM Pizza is how books tend to make jokes about the DM as if he’s some sort of temperamental half-trained bear instead of a human. But you knew that already. Jef cared about it a lot back before he abandoned it to harp on about seduction skills.

  2. Re: Star Wars (old) EU: the first book right after Return of the Jedi is called “Truce at Bakura” wherein whistling dinosaur-aliens get their shit kicked in by a pair of crappy patrol ships and Leia shoots a bunch of stormtroopers and tries to act like she didn’t while still holding a blaster

  3. a) Get well soon,
    b) I think that while a lot of us did like Babylon 5, you established early on the “we don’t do research” rule, but this review was one part “this game sucks” and two parts “the show sucked.”
    I am beginning to see the virtue of not doing any outside research before the review…
    Seriously though, keep up the good work!

  4. … how did you do that? I had never heard of Robbie Rotten or We Are Number One until yesterday and, out of nowhere, there it is again. Thank you for keeping it weird. Keep the shows coming, I still haven’t decided whether or not it’s good, but I keep on listening, so it must not be that bad.

    In closing, I have two ROYAL DECREAS!!!

    Firstist: you are WRONG in soooo many ways. I do not have time to cover them here, but I thought it apropos to let you know.

    and Lastist: GET WELL!

  5. The Chief O’Brien show you are wishing for on this one exists as a web comic called Chief O’Brien at Work, if no one has mentioned that yet. They have a Tumblr and did a Kickstarter for a print version. It’s pretty good.

  6. d12 is much better than d20 as far as shape goes. The sides are larger so numbers are easier to read, it stops rolling in a sane amount of time, and it never tips over when rolled on an uneven surface. d12 would be basically the ideal die if it was actually used in something.

    • You should check out The Everlasting RPG. Some say, “It’s White Wolf done right!” It uses a d12 system or Tarot cards. Unfortunately, It’s developers are better game designers than business men.

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