Frankenstein’s Dad – Afterthought 43

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There you go.  Frankenstein’s Dad.  We called a whole show that.  We heard you.  Questions?  Yes.  Weird intro?  Yes.  Us arguing about Blade and  a White Wolf Incredible Hulk game?  Also yes.

6 responses to “Frankenstein’s Dad – Afterthought 43

  1. Re: Dungeons: The Dragoning. Y’all are referencing Dungeons: the Dragoning 40,000 7th Edition, a smash-cut homebrew of dungeons and dragons, the universe of Magic: The Gathering, and Warhammer 40k. It’s bonkers.

    • So far as I recall, Exalted also shows up in its setting. Plus the resolution system is apparently the roll-and-keep system from L5R and 7th Sea.

  2. One if the big changes between 1E and 2E was that they got rid of gold-for-XP, so that’s one entire edition where the concept of magic marts didn’t really apply.

    Granted that’s only 25% of the editions prior to 5E, but it was the edition that everyone played, so it makes sense if some people came out of it feeling like that’s representative of D&D as a whole.

    • This was one of the easier ones for us. Jef wrote it in about five minutes and we got it in one take. All we did in editing was remove a couple of long takes between lines and loop that jingle a little extra.

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