Horrortoberfest Day 12 – Holidays (2016)


Time for another horror movie that is a compilation of a bunch of vignettes. Unlike most other horror movies that do this, Holidays doesn’t get a some overarching plot on which to introduce the stories. Just a bunch of short movies that follow one right after the other. I’ll just give a brief review of each of them and the can all get their own score out of 5 instead of trying to rate how it was in aggregate.

Valentine’s Day – This one follows a young girl that has a crush on her P.E. teacher and is picked on by her classmates. A fairly amusing horror ending with a play on the whole hearts thing for Valentine’s. Kind of goofy but a good start.    3 out of 5

St. Patrick’s – Eschewing the more American idea of the holiday, this one takes place in Ireland and decides to focus more on the snakes myth of St. Patrick. Well done with some genuinely off-putting scenes but then slightly ruined at the end by the goofiest looking fake snake ever.    3 out of 5

Easter – Starts with some great “kid questions” about the holiday like being afraid of a guy that came back from the dead and worried about how a giant rabbit breaks into your house. Then takes a hard crazy left turn with a Jesus-Rabbit hybrid. I have no idea what the hell but I kind of loved it.   4.5 out of 5

Mother’s Day – A girl is seemingly cursed in that she always becomes pregnant if she has sex even while on birth control and her boyfriend wearing multiple condoms. She goes to a weird, fertility retreat that ends up being a trap where they keep her drugged and make her have the baby which is, as you could guess, not a regular baby.    2.5 out of 5

Father’s Day – A woman gets a tape from her dead father explaining that he had to leave her but instructions to find him are on the tape. She follows this recording that was seemingly taken on the last day that she saw him and it leads her to…something? I have no idea. Great premise but confusing ending.   2.5 out of 5

Halloween – The first of the ones that have basically nothing to do with the Holiday. A guy is recruiting women to be cam girls for him with exaggerated promises but we see he is just abusive. The girls he already has then take bloody revenge on him. There is some random reference to witches but nothing else.    2 out of 5

Christmas – A dad needs to get the latest thing (a VR headset that shows you stuff based on your interests) for his kid but they are sold out. He takes it from a dying man who got the last one instead of getting help. This will haunt him in VR. Also his wife is a murderer or something.    2 out of 5

New Year’s – A kidnapper kills his current victim and wants to find a new for the new year. He goes on a date with a girl from a dating website and, wouldn’t you know it, she is also crazy and wants to kill him. What a twist.    2 out of 5.

Favorite thing in the movie: The Jesus Rabbit. That shit was bonkers.

Least favorite thing: While I appreciate the presence of Harley Morenstein in the Halloween one, I do wish it actually had something to do with the Holiday.

One response to “Horrortoberfest Day 12 – Holidays (2016)

  1. The Father’s Day vignette was my favorite because I loved the atmosphere of it. I didn’t even mind the unexplained ending, because it was almost of the Lovecraftian “And then I saw a terror so terrifying that I cannot describe it!” I mostly agree with the rest of them, except I’d give lower scores to Halloween and Christmas. (Halloween was easily the worst.)

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