In Theaters Now – Bridget Jones’s Baby


A movie with no stakes and no tension. Thrill as Bridget Jones much choose between a handsome, rich man who loves her or a different handsome, rich man that loves her. What happens when these two suitors meet? Nothing. Nothing happens.

10 responses to “In Theaters Now – Bridget Jones’s Baby

  1. Really? A “Bridget Jones” movie? First off, I boycotted these years ago because they did not cast a British woman to play the part (because, for some unknown reason, they are all playing Americans in US films). But, thank you. You gave me one to not listen too, and that is another hour of my life I can use for something constructive like making snide remarks on websites (just like this).

  2. “Mom Porn” is a very apt description of this movie. Hilarious!

    Minor nitpick: the Gay Friend(tm) wasn’t played by Siddig El Fadil (aka Julian Bashir on DS9), but by James Callis (aka Gaius Baltar from the BSG reboot).

  3. Re: New Patreon goal ideas – what if you offered to make Supplementary or Actual Play podcasts a regular thing on the site (even if it’s just like a 1/month thing)?

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