System Mastery Actual Play 4 – Love/Dread Jenga


Vacations can’t stop us, and neither can federal holidays.  Step right up and listen to our first full-length Actual Play episode, featuring the doomy tale of the Valentine’s Day killer assaulting… well I’m not actually sure what city this ended up being after all the arguing.  We combine amazing RPG Dread (not to be reviewed by the likes of us) and ridiculous Jenga ripoff Love Jenga (LOVE COMMUNICATION) to form one terrifying night of high school romance gone horribly wrong.  Special guests include Arian, Devin, and Sydney.  Thanks team!

2 responses to “System Mastery Actual Play 4 – Love/Dread Jenga

  1. Oh boy, the concept sounds fun but I can’t listen through fake “real world” accents without cringing a bit, so I stopped at the character intros. That said, any chance you would do a one shot old school DnD/ Rifts episode ?

  2. Youre not kidding about Nokia phones being nigh on indestructible – I used to work in a shop selling mobile phones (as we call cellphones in merry old England) and you could hammer nails in with those things. Someone tried to return one to us once that he’d put on the roof of his car whilst he fished out his car keys, forgot to pick it up again, it fell off when he started up and he drove over it. Damn thing was still in one piece. Unfortunately he did not buy the insurance to cover against acts of idiocy, but he had a nice, expensive paperweight at least.

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