In Theaters Now – Angry Birds (2016)

Angry birds S

Well, it’s certainly in theaters right now.  Did you know this is the highest-grossing (in terms of domestic box office) Sean Penn movie?  Well, now you do.  Take that information and run, friends.  Angry Birds is the first incredible disappointment in what is sure to be a painful series of bad ideas, our newest feature, In Theaters Now.  You earned it with Patreon, and now we have to go watch terrible movies that are in theatres based on your poll choices.  Every month.  Here, you can vote on the June movie right here, right now!  Thanks again for your support, and we’ll let you know when we’re not still mad about birds.

2 responses to “In Theaters Now – Angry Birds (2016)

  1. There’s apparently a book on a shelf in this that’s titled “50 Shades of Green”. The pigs have BDSM???

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