Rifts Parts 1 – System Mastery 70

rifts s

We hope you’re as ready for this as we are.  After 70 episodes, it’s time to review the game that somehow started both of us down the path that ultimately led to System Mastery existing at all.  Rifts was the first game for both teenage Jef and teenage Jon, and somehow we grew into almost functional adults anyway!  We can’t even begin to cram everything crazy about this book into one episode, so watch this space in two weeks for Part 2.

10 responses to “Rifts Parts 1 – System Mastery 70

  1. I kind of feel like the Dog Boy OCC should be limited to characters of that particular race. It wouldn’t be the first time where random combinations led to something silly in a Palladium game, though.

  2. You say the craft system is terrible, but has any game ever had a craft system that isn’t terrible? Feel free to discuss in Afterthought.

  3. I LOVED Rifts. It’s my favorite setting of all time. It was the game I learned to role-play on, and I played it for many years. Sadly I don’t care for the system. It’s very broken, & there is no balancing at all. (KS added a whole page rant about how he hates balanced systems) The mechanics don’t follow setting at all. If the game mechanics represent the setting even in the slightest no human can survive on the planet. My game group HEAVILY modified the system to make it playable.

  4. How can you talk John Carpenter movies, and not even mention Escape from New York (especially in a Rifts review!) and Big Trouble in Little China?
    Epic fail :-)

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