Hiro Protagonist – Afterthought 32

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Jon speaks up in defense of games where you start with nothing.  Questions are answered.  Convictions are challenged.  The very foundations of the world are shaken til the firmament lies bare.  Also we play some theme music.

11 responses to “Hiro Protagonist – Afterthought 32

  1. Main topic: This is part of why we used to play Wahammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd. Ed; everyone was normal people but the game was based around having to defy the odds. And you could do it. The major difference is that it’s easier to be hurt (though the same goes for the bad guys) and someone will probably take all the credit for it afterwards. (Such is the setting)

  2. Sorry, but I’m going to have to take away your Star Wars cred, Jeff. Womp Rats are 2 metres, not 2 feet. It’s even said in the movies they’re 2 metres. (and yes, there is a difference, 2 metre womp rats are bigger than the fridge, rather than merely the size of a dog) ;)

    Otherwise, spot on about how the system needs to support what it’s trying to sell.

  3. If you’re interested in deliberately playing shit farmers in a system that is very hostile to them, check out The Adequate Commoner by J.M. Perkins: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/150179/The-Adequate-Commoner

    Subtle plug, because he’s a good friend of mine: Mr. Perkins is local to your city, is on Twitter @jmperkins, and would likely be down to be interviewed on your podcast about the book and/or the concepts and/or any of his other brilliant stuff (he does Salt In Wounds, which made kind of a stir on /r/pathfinder_rpg back when it started). So. FYI. :D

  4. Also, the Pathfinder class which was referenced is the Vigilante, which is possibly more notable for its Magical Girl subclass. Which is a great example of the point being made, that the options within the same class can encompass the entire range from Batman to Sailor Moon.

  5. Come to think, the unexpectedly funny thing about that introduction segment is that the comparison of the foibles between rules systems and constitutions is kind of apt. Constitutional scholars will argue (often in court where it matters, but elsewhere too) over the most arcane details, despite the fact that the US Constitution has more loose wording than any edition of D&D.

  6. As a huge fan of Conan, I can say that there is a huge amount of roleplaying and boardgaming material based off of Howard’s work. There are several RPGs, and the Conan boardgame that was on kickstarter in 2014 broke crowdfunding records for boardgames .
    His influence looms large, although it is true that there are not many Conan plushes or Elect Conan 2016 bumper stickers.

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