Positive Vibes – Afterthought 22

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Tell me boy, what day was this recorded?  Why, ’twas Christmas Day!  And then it was released the Tuesday following, thus ruining any Christmas magic it may have contained!  This week on Afterthought, we talk about our favorite settings and what makes them great, and also Ben Franklin, Flux, and a lot of great listener questions.  Happy Holidays, and don’t forget to try the Mulled Yump this cheese season.

4 responses to “Positive Vibes – Afterthought 22

  1. You confused Codename Kids Next Door with Spy Kids and now I will never be able to trust your credentials again!

  2. Love that clip from a G**** Movie… thanks for viscerally throwing me down memory lane – you pair of Royal Cheese Dudes ^_^

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