Movie Mastery – Christmas with the Kranks

Christmas with the Kranks S

There are three Movie Mastery episodes this December, and you can be sure that every single one of them will be a holiday themed film.  There’s no genre of film that Jef hates more, so these should be great.  Kicking it off, here’s Christmas with the Kranks, the movie guaranteed to make you hate white people, rich people, people in general, things, the concept of Christmas, and existence itself.

Got an idea for a horrible holiday movie?  The bar may be set pretty high, but don’t let that stop you from sending in your recommendations!  There’s still two movies to go this December, you can beat those odds!

4 responses to “Movie Mastery – Christmas with the Kranks

  1. How would you guys compare this to national lampoons Christmas vacation? Which if its not on your list I now humbly submit it for your random as far as we know Christmas movie list.

  2. The entire podcast I was thinking that I should request you add 8 crazy nights to the list, then finally I heard it was already on there.

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