The One Shot Podcast – Afterthought 18

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We talk about the value of one shot games and short campaigns in this episode, so it was hard to think of a better name.  It’s cool, certainly no one will mind.  As always, we answer a bunch of wacky fan questions too.

4 responses to “The One Shot Podcast – Afterthought 18

  1. Some really dumb questions for afterthought!

    You both have to design and cook a meal for a competitive cooking tv show. What do you both cook and who wins?

    You magically change places with hero sidekick/helper of your choice. Who do you both pick and what podcast do they make in your place? If you want to talk about what you do too, that’s fine.

    You’re transformers! What vehicle do you turn into?

  2. In thanks for many free hours of entertainment, I’d like to ask you some borderline insane questions:

    I often find myself thinking about the long arc of human history. What works do you hope archaeologists of the distant future will find after the Great Moon Wars destroy all records and how will they be misinterpreted?

    The internet has a worrisome habit of fetishizing perfectly innocent media. What harmless objects or wholesome ideas are you inappropriately attached to and how will it be described on tumblr?

    I’ll be awaiting your report at the University of Haven: School of Violence.

  3. Thanks guys for the free entertainment. Podcasts are one of the few things that keep me sane on my hour long drives to work and university so you guys are regular life savers. About your idea to run oneshot’s serially, I DO THAT! That’s my groups primary mode of play! We’re all college students who work and do clubs and what not,, so RPG time is often limited. We find running oneshot’s is like our collective catharsis after doing everything else we do. Mostly we play Call of Cthulhu because of my recent obsession with lovecraft’s puckered progeny, but also play dread, dnd 5th, dnd 4th, and LOTS of micro systems. I honestly love oneshots and while do play in a campaign, really enjoy the freedom, flexibility, and brevity of a oneshot. Its like a good movie or short story. I do have the complaint that they can go wrong quickly though as I spent alot of my week pre-Halloween writing up info for a CoC oneshot and my players did not at all take it as seriously as I had with the immediate penis jokes and slapstick humor ruining the atmosphere. I to can not say “atmosphere” without thinking of that terrible board game atmosfear which I had growing up. I was turned on to your podcast by the ‘Heart breakers’ interview one ‘Oneshot’ and have been listening since.
    Here’s some questions for you (cheese) dudes, just guess who they are directed it at doesn’t matter:
    1.Why is there not a hacker RPG where the gm is call the “systems administrator”, and you are all hackers? How succesful do you feel a hackers style RPG where you have to play with a computer but there is still most other rpg elements would work? and ideas besides hack the planet?
    2.How can you like robots so much and not like gundam, and what is your robot war franchise of choice? I bet your a battletech guy…
    3.Had your lack of call of cthulhu edition reviews been to lack of access? I may be able to hook you up
    4.What is the direct rival operation to chesse dudes, and why are they evil? Im thinking they are similar to mondo burger from that odd Nickelodeon movie goodburger.
    5.Apple or windows?
    6.Apples or windows?
    O’m sure Ill think of more cogent questions later, regardless thanks guys have fun !

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