With Special Guest David Schirduan – Afterthought 17

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Another interview?  What’s the deal, it’s like we’re getting respectable over here or something.  Hang on… faaaaaaaart.  Nope, we’re still good.  This time we sit down with game designer David Schirduan, a friend of the show who has managed a little contest for micro RPGs for a few years and is currently running his new game, Mythic Mortals, through a Kickstarter we suggest you go take a look at.  The game looks like a lot of fun.  Anyway, he’s game to sit down and answer silly fan questions as well as put up with us having all the interview experience and gravitas of Walter Kronkite when Walter Kronkite was five.

2 responses to “With Special Guest David Schirduan – Afterthought 17

    • I believe that means that a session of the game should take 2-3 hours and during that session you should be able to have a few interesting mook fights and a big multi-stage boss battle (the game has rules for multistage boss battles).

      Since the game was based around a constantly diminishing deck of cards for each player, you can’t just keep playing it forever.

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