Horrortoberfest Day 16 – The Broken (2008)


You wanted more evil mirror movies and, by god, you’re getting more evil mirror movies. Although, if I’m being honest, The Broken is less about the mirrors being evil and more about the mirrors being gateways of some kind. Which is disappointing because I was really hoping I would get some more scenes of people arguing with inanimate objects and struggling to defeat one of the easiest to smash objects. You know what else is disappointing? The Broken.

We follow our protagonist Gina (Lena Headey) as she seemingly goes a bit crazy. A chance encounter with a seeing someone that looks like her leads to a car accident. Then she starts to think that maybe her boyfriend has been replaced by an impostor. Could this be Capgras Syndrome brought on by the crash or is there something more sinister going on? Well, it’s a horror movie so I’ll just go ahead and spoil that for you. Yes, of course something sinister is going on. Of course the most sinister thing that is happening is occasionally not just mirroring (PUNS) the plot of Invasion of the Body Snatchers but at times even having parallel scenes.

The key difference between The Broken and Invasion of the Body Snatchers is that the doppelgangers are coming through the mirrors. Which does lead to one of the better things in this movie which is being on lookout for the constant background signs of this happening. While there are plenty of broken mirrors front and center in the movie you also will occasionally faintly hear breaking glass in the background of some scenes, which is a nice touch to show that this is not just happening to the main characters. Another thing that sets it apart is that the impostor that come through the mirror have to then dispose of their counterparts instead of them melting away or something. Which kept bothering me because if this is some global shit, you are talking about literally billions of dead bodies that these clones need to deal with. And what happens if the original kills the impostor? Is there only one mirror clone per person or will another try to get him?

Probably the biggest problem I have with the movie comes from the absolutely terrible and predictable twist ending which I am going to spoil for you now. So it turns out the Gina that we’ve been following for most of the movie is actually the impostor that didn’t remember she was an impostor because of the crash fucking up her memory. Which just leaves me with this pile of questions. Gina is able to be emotional and lively while every other impostor we see is the standard emotionless robot replacement. So is emotion a thing that brain damage causes in mirror people? But then at the end she remembers she’s a mirror person and immediately becomes emotionless so maybe it’s trauma? But she would still remember having all those normal person reactions so it’s not like they can’t emote, so why would she not still pretend to be original recipe Gina if only until the mirror people take over? Why am I so upset with a dumb horror movie?

These questions may never be answered because we never really get into it. Which is sad because I have way more questions about the hows and whys of mirror universe people than I do for alien pod people (Why now? Why do mirrors still work when the clones are out? Etc.). In all it was a fairly decently made take on the “pod person” scenario even if it did leave me annoyed. I’d give The Broken a 2.5 out of 5.

Favorite part of the movie: The ending scene of the movie is just the ending scene from the 1978 Invasion of the Body Snatchers minus that great Sutherland face.

Least favorite part: The music in this movie is so goddamn annoying. It keeps doing that thing where it build, builds, builds, builds aaaaaand nothing. It does that at least 5 times. Also it plays the “Oh no scary things are happening” in the most mundane scenes. Stop it, music. Get your shit together.

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