Aberrant D20 – System Mastery 54


Let’s discuss the early aughts and their explosion of rapid-release D20 adaptations of older games!  Here’s a White Wolf one that turns everything about superheroes in every way into a series of ever-more-complicated feats.  Also Jef is super sick the whole time, sorry about that.

5 responses to “Aberrant D20 – System Mastery 54

  1. It’s a problem in any game where you have the same resource to spend on both awesome powers and flavor stuff. That was always the problem with Skill Focus and the like, but it seems much worse when you’re picking out super powers instead of just +1 to hit or Whirlwind Attack.

    I have an AD&D supplement that lets you play as undead characters, and you can purchase their supernatural abilities by spending Non-Weapon Proficiency slots. You literally get to choose between proficiency in basket-weaving and a banshee scream that instantly kills any living creature that can hear you.

    • Yeah, I sort of forgot to get into whether or not I’d play. In Jon’s defense, asking me that would have entailed staying around me longer than any healthy person would want to, I was literally dripping sacks out of my nose labelled “plague” on the side.

      I would most likely not play this game, it’s a little clunky and there are better superhero alternatives, several with significantly less baggage. The background story was a neat bit of historical revisionism, which could be cool to read. It was also probably too complex and corporation-heavy to grab my interest when trying to play a character.

  2. u guys ever hear of octaNe: premium uNleaded? its an i guess “microgame” from about a decade back. mostly setting junk and vague rules. might be something worth lining up for if u ever do another batch of small game reviews

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