Movie Mastery – Big Money Rustlas

Big Money Rustlas

Twenty years from now college professors will use this episode as a teachable moment.  It’d be nice if it was about how to properly review films, but actually it’ll just be on what ongoing Stockholm Syndrome sounds like.  We watch two clown rappers shoot guns and spout catchphrases, and then come back to tell you that it’s actually amazing.  Really.  For real.

3 responses to “Movie Mastery – Big Money Rustlas

  1. For Afterthought, can you discuss what qualities elevate a bad movie to an enjoyable watch, rather than just being unremarkable.

  2. I watched this movie while drunk tonight. I won’t say that it’s good, but it’s better than anything else ICP has touched except maybe Faygo. I’ve never had Faygo, and I don’t want to throw it under that bus. 8/10 feels a bit generous, but there are a lot of movies that I would put below this.

  3. What a twist, a bunch of straight white dudes have no problem with racism, sexism, and homo-phobia, if they get a laugh… Stockholm syndrome?

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