The Afterthought Poll 3

We thought we were out of questions to ask our listeners, but they just keep coming out!  Anyway, a few of these might be legitimately serious questions, so think super carefully.  Tick tock, Batman!

Listener suggested poll questions:
(We didn’t know we wanted these submitted either, but now we do!  Thanks Jeff!)

Okay, back to normal:

6 responses to “The Afterthought Poll 3

    • We both agreed that it’s measurably better than Superman III while still somehow being a garbage fire of a movie. That precarious balance took it out of the running for both categories, though I suppose it’s a great write-in if people are huge fans of Richard Pryor skiing down buildings.

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  2. Oh man, I would LOVE to see Blimpleggers as an actual campaign setting for something like FATE or Savage Worlds. Also, I’ve just realized that I forgot to send in my ideas for new names for Blimpleggers on your Patreon page. Imma do that right now.

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