Movie Mastery – Zardoz

Zardoz Poster

While our initial plan for Mommie Dearest fell through this week, we press on undaunted, reroll the Movie Mastery Dice (currently a D17) and land on Zardoz, the movie where Sean Connery’s junk is the future!

One response to “Movie Mastery – Zardoz

  1. I have known the love of Zardoz for about a decade, when my friend special ordered it just to inflict it on the rest of us. One of my other friends had this to say after watching it: “That sure was something that happened while I was in the room.”

    The greatest thing, if you enjoyed the batshit 70’s-ness of it all, was some two years later when we listened to the director’s commentary track on the DVD. During the impenetrable introductory scene of Arthur Frayn’s floating head, the director goes on for a couple of minutes about how test audiences hated the movie, how obtuse it was. So, he added this opening sequence to “explain” the set-up, but “it didn’t work.”

    The rest of the director’s commentary was fucking boring as hell, because he just goes on about loving the landscape, houses and horses they shot the movie with, just over and over.

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