Space 1889 – System Mastery 42


System Mastery 42- Space 1889

Craving high adventure in an age of zeppelins, Victoriana, and space fantasy?  Keep looking then, because what we have here is boring.  This week Jef and Jon take a tour of the Earth if the sun also never set on the British Empire on Venus and Mars.  Is the art horrifying?  Of course.  Is the whole thing vaguely racist?  Naturally!


Editor’s note:  Proof of horrifying art included.  Check out that cartilaginous Robert Smith in a ripped bodice.  That’s basically the only female face in this thing.  Seriously, every lady in the book is drawn like she forgot to close her eyes when the Arc of the Covenant popped open.


2 responses to “Space 1889 – System Mastery 42

  1. There was a good article BITD in Challenge Magazine titled “Cthulhu: 1889” that used the Call of Cthulhu system with this background plus the Mythos added. For instance, teh canals on Mars were actually a huge Elder machine that’s falling into disrepair, R’yleh is actually on an asteroid, etc. A little more playable and interesting.

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