Duckman and Such – Afterthought 3

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Duckman and Such – Afterthought 3

The “Official” Duckman RPG

This is a very free form week for us.  We discuss humor in games, discuss the authenticity of The Official Duckman RPG, and answer a few reader questions.  Thrill as Jef drunkenly gets a shocking amount of extremely simple D&D facts wrong!  As a special bonus, download and rip right into our Duckman RPG, the “highly” “anticipated” fifteen page “RPG” based entirely on our improvised April Fool’s episode.

Editor’s note:  If anyone tries actually playing Duckman, or wants the original text to edit it into something more visually appealing, just drop us a line and it’s all yours.  Also, it’s an unofficial fan work and is not intended for sale or … whatever you’re supposed to say when you don’t own the rights to Duckman.  “Thank God I don’t own the rights to Duckman” probably.

2 responses to “Duckman and Such – Afterthought 3

  1. I’m not sure how I feel about the fact that Duckman was an April Fools joke. When it was revealed in this episode, my reaction wasn’t “Oh my god! How did I get fooled!” it was “huh, that’s weird.” Maybe it’s because it just sounded so awesome. Maybe it’s just that even though it happens not to exist, nothing about it was so crazy that it COULDN’T have existed, given all the other crap that comes up in episodes. Kudos for creativity though, in light of this fact several things about it are more hilarious, like dexterity being a stat. Sad that you guys can apparently just spitball a system that is by all appearances better and more unique than actual published rulesets.

  2. I think of the Vampire Kingdoms book as a Rifts “west” book as well. It happens in Mexico and the surrounding areas, and it has a vampires vs. cowboys feel to it. Or maybe that was just my interpretation.

    Also, vampires that can be beaten with water guns is awesome.

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