Dark Heresy – System Mastery 29

System Mastery Podcasts - Dark Heresy

SystemMastery 29 – Dark Heresy

Skulls for the Skull Throne!  We take a discerning look at Dark Heresy, one of many games set in the grim darkness of the dark grimness of the Warhammer 40k universe.  Will you be greasy scum, oily robot man, or festering, gibbering psychic?  The correct answer is probably psychic, but we’ll try to suss all that out in the review.

Let us know what you thought of Dark Heresy in the comments!  Have a book you’d us to cover?  Let us know about that too.

7 responses to “Dark Heresy – System Mastery 29

  1. You know, I’ve seen plenty of copies of Living Room Games’ attempt at the cyberpunk genre, Digital Burn, in the local used book store. Or, maybe try and review R. Talsorian’s original edition of Cyberpunk, considering it’s 2013 setting is now a year old.

  2. It’s not so much that they won’t write Eldar books, it’s that the only author who tried to write Eldar POV novels did a really, really bad job and they gave up.

  3. You guys sell the grim but goofy appeal of the 40k setting better than anyone else I’ve seen. Really looking forward to Synnibarr!

  4. You guys might have a good time reading some of the Deadlands books from the mid-90s. Check out Hell on Earth for extra grim-goofiness. The downside is that the true horror comes from reading all the books (and the GM sections of the super-railroady adventure books – if you wanted to sound off about adventure design you could read The Unity and weep salty storygame tears.) The upside is that you can buy most of the books as a PDF online.

  5. A friend of mine happily played this for several years. His group only stopped when they exorcised one player for harbouring a demon and that player rage-quit the group.

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