Nexus – System Mastery 27

System Mastery Podcasts - Nexus

SystemMastery 27 – Nexus Live Action Roleplaying

Time to gather up 50 or so of your greatest friends and then slowly and painfully lose them over the course of a complex, sweaty, argumentative weekend!  We discuss our very first LARP with Nexus, a game of galactic intrigue, simple rules, bad puns and lots and lots of backrubs.  Can the Konathians enslave the Earth before the Inner Empire citizens discover their plot?  Will the space plague spread before people get bored and head to Wendy’s?  Listen in and we’ll find all this out!

Let us know what you thought of Nexus in the comments!  Have a book you’d us to cover?  Let us know about that too.

Editor’s correction:  The Myriads ARE his grandson, ya dick.

One response to “Nexus – System Mastery 27

  1. I am actually a writer for a monthly fantasy LARP. It’s my job to come up with the adventures for the PCs to undertake. You’d be surprised how many people work behind the scenes to make a LARP run. However, I can tell you, this Nexus game sounds bat-shit weird insane.

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