C°ntinuum – System Mastery 24

C°ntinuum- Roleplaying in the Yet - System Mastery 24

SystemMastery 24 – C°ntinuum: Roleplaying in the Yet

It’s a time travel game!  More accurately, it’s a game about keeping meticulous detailed notes because the DM might check to see if you did at any second!  Join millions of other time travelers working and playing together, but try not to accidentally erase yourself from existence!  It’s shockingly easy to do, after all.  We review C°ntinuum – Roleplaying in the Yet, all the while wishing it was Roleplaying in the Yeti.

Let us know what you thought of C°ntinuum in the comments!  Have a book you’d us to cover?  Let us know about that too.

Editor’s correction:  For some reason, we spent the whole podcast thinking this game was called C°ntinuum – Adventures in the Yet.

7 responses to “C°ntinuum – System Mastery 24

  1. I am a HUGE fan of Continuum, so I’m glad to hear this review. (Not that you don’t bring up good points about it. I mean, it’s not the easiest game to play.) If you want a more typical time travel game that’s still well-reasoned but not as much note-taking, try Time & Temp.

  2. There’s a FATE Core supplement called TimeWorks that … well, at least it runs in FATE so I can tell you the rules aren’t badly broken. It’s in one of the Worlds books. Check it out sometime.

  3. As a game-play idea; what is one of your party was a Thespian impersonating a celebrity, and the party as a whole had to ensure a specific even took place. IE, Hitler survives the assassination attempt on his life, or Seabiscuit wins the race, or Shackleton makes it to the fishing villiage, or Ptolemy gets away with Alexander’s corpse. I think those kinds of adventures sound cool, but i bet there are better systems (like Fate) to fun them in.

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  5. “We’re gonna run out eventually”

    Oh, you poor, naive fools… Anywho, GURPS Timeline has some interesting settings for time travel shenanigans, and there’s an old Palladium TMNT supplement that has some fun ideas (Transdimensional TMNT?)

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