After the Bomb – System Mastery 22

System Mastery Podcasts - After the Bomb

SystemMastery 22 – After the Bomb

Wounded and battered from months of learning new systems, we take a brief respite to review something we knew already.  This week, we spend a lot of time talking about Bio-E, the difference between the rad animal men of yesteryear and today’s watered-down furries, and general Palladium shenanigans.

2 responses to “After the Bomb – System Mastery 22

  1. There’s even more Palladium post-apocalypse games than the four you mentioned. There’s “Splicers”, which is The Terminator meets The Guyver, which also uses Bio-E; and ” Dead Reign”, which is their latest game designed to cash in on the zombie apocalypse craze.

  2. And don’t forget RoboTech! It may be a license, but it’s also one of their first games and except for a very small slice of the timeline it’s all post apocalypse! After alien bombardment.

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