System Mastery 20 – Cthulhutech

System Mastery Podcasts - Cthulutech

Episode 20 – Cthulutech

It might just be because we like 75% of the brazenly lifted source material, but Cthulhutech passes our review gauntlet and comes up looking pretty fun.  We discuss the many variations on giant robot and giant monster robot you can play as, discuss the latest iteration of merits and flaws, and hash out the concept of poker dice in our latest episode.

8 responses to “System Mastery 20 – Cthulhutech

  1. I enjoyed this one! The in-depth FATAL & Friends review had a lot more problems with the system than you did, though, on pretty much every level.
    This episode made me really want to see what you guys would make of Tenra Bansho Zero – it’s another crazy anime mashup, but one written from a Japanese perspective, and the mechanics and setting are really interesting.

    • We’ll add that to the pile. And yeah, the F&F guys really didn’t like this game. I hope it was mostly because of dice math, because as much as I found the dice system innovative and interesting, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn it doesn’t work very well in combat. It’s probably the fishman breeding camps, though, if we’re being honest.

  2. A couple games you may want to check out based on what you liked about this one:

    Last Stand: A game about fighting giant B-movie style monsters using power armor made of those monsters. Easy rules, combat feels like a hybrid of an RPG and a board game, and you get to tear stuff off the monsters you kill and steal their powers like an insectoid Mega Man.

    Legends of the Wulin: If you liked the dice mechanics here, Wulin’s are basically a better-thought-out version. Really great game about being a kung fu hero in mythic China, solid and creative mechanics, one of my favorite RPGs ever. The previous version, Weapons of the Gods, is out of print if you want to look at it for a podcast, but Wulin is a better version in just about every regard.

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  4. I’d play Heroes Unlimited with you guys. I even have the book and everything! …Along with far more Palladium books than I should ever admit to.

  5. Do you want to build a snowman? They’re ten feet tall with tentacles! They come from space to kill us all, they make some drow, no one’s sure quite why!

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