System Mastery 18 – Big Eyes, Small Mouth

System Mastery Podcasts - Big Eyes Small Mouth

SystemMastery 18 – Big Eyes, Small Mouth

We sit down for a rousing discussion about the many varieties of anime, and the game that tries to let you play them all.  Big Eyes, Small Mouth is a charming attempt to capture the entirety of a diverse range of shows into a single ruleset.  There are a few glaring errors, but that’s what new editions are for, we guess. In the meantime, let’s make fun of an old book and a bunch of TV shows!

7 responses to “System Mastery 18 – Big Eyes, Small Mouth

  1. In case you’re curious, 3E switched from a roll-under to a roll-over system. The game also got a bit crunchier, but, according to some, more balanced. It had some serious character point inflation as well. It didn’t sell very well and GoO went out of business. 3e was one of their last chances to get financially stable after a short, but deciding series of failed products such as BESM d20, Slayers d20, and a few other titles.

    • Interesting. I read someone the other day saying that one of the authors had never even tried the combat system as of the printing of 2nd edition. It’s not too difficult to see where that could actually be the case.

    • They went out of business before third edition was released, and it was because at the time they were loosing profit because the Canadian dollar and US dollar were becoming equal in value. On another note, the system is ment more for story focus. The game was not designed to be combat centric because there already exists systems for that (d20) and only includes it as conflict can still occur, however like many animated shows point out the heros/main characters generally are not ment to die and always manage to somehow survive (event if it means being in a coma). Combat was never ment to be the main focus.

      • I thought I’d read previously that a variety of factors led to their collapse. That currency exchange might have been an issue, but they may have over extended themselves in licensing so many outside intellectual properties and been overly optimistic in their sales projections.

  2. I played both 2e and 3e and BESM and I felt you guys really did not understand the system work. Clearly, reading and playing an RPG (making PCs, actually running combat and other encounter) lead to two completely different experience.

    In your podcast, you really focused on low level and high level characters which both break the system as with many other pts base game. BESM really shine with medium level powered character (30 to 45 Character points) which allows for good and diverse built (ex.: Mecha with different power, really easy to do).

    I think BESM as been one of my favourite system over my 20+ of gaming. I have ran and played multiple successful campaign with different theme in BESM is testament of it effectiveness.

  3. Products in this line have kind of an interesting history. In my understanding it progressed as follows:

    * BESM 1st Edition – This is a slim little book, not quite a parody, but only a vague sketch of a game. Not much attempt made at balance.

    * BESM 2nd Edition – Things are more expanded and refined. At this point a slew of supplements came out both for general genres (Big Ears, Small Mouse . . . Big Robots, Cool Starships) and licensed settings.

    * Tri-Stat dX – The BESM system genericized for use with other genres.

    * BESM d20 – Tried to get in on the d20 system craze. Often argued as the most unbalanced version of the game, although also the only OGL version.

    * BESM 3rd Edition – Switches to a roll-over system. Came out as the company was folding due to financial problems. Was published afterward by White Wolf.

    Among all editions they handled a crazy array of other licensed settings (e.g. Slayers, Trigun, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, Game of Thrones).

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