System Mastery 14 – Street Fighter

System Master Podcastss - Street Fighter

Editors Note: Before pressing record on this podcast, I had to press Forward, Down, and Down-Forward.  We take a look at the 1993 White Wolf storytelling classic, Street Fighter.  A grim parade of cheap stereotypes, or a surprisingly charming fighting system?  Can’t it be both?

System Mastery is always looking for suggestions.  If you have a specific old RPG you think we should discuss, love it or hate it, let us know in the comments below.

3 responses to “System Mastery 14 – Street Fighter

  1. Unsure how else to contact you. Just started your podcast this week, and there is actually a card/board game out that plays extremely similarly to how you described the combat system in this. Called BattleCon by Lv 99 Games.

  2. We do see comments on older episodes, that said the other ways to contact us are directly through our gmail (, or as System Mastery on Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit (specifically we have a subreddit here at r/SystemMastery.

    Also that’s interesting, I’ll look into it!

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