System Mastery 13 – Urban Arcana

Urban Arcana

The worst thing about this book is right there in the picture.  Someone really had a …fascination with drow, and their apparent immediate abandonment of spider-themed fetish gear for spider-themed raver gear.  The best thing about this book?  Nearly everything else!  Join us for a surprise example of a D20 product we didn’t hate in today’s review of D20 Modern:  Urban Arcana.

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5 responses to “System Mastery 13 – Urban Arcana

  1. i got the feeling that Urban Arcana was “D20 Modern Core Rulebook Vol.2.” Not only was there bonus mundane stuff (more guns, more cars, etc.) but it more completely filed the mission of the game as “D&D in the modern world.”

    That said, I have never used the D&D copypasta stuff in my D20 Modern games. The idea of the dimension next door being a bog standard D&D world doesn’t excite me. And while I can accept the rules for magic or psionics as the way a particular fantasy world works, I can’t reconcile that with my understanding of the real world and how we think magic or psionics does or should work.

    I’ve tended to run D20 Modern as a “tabloid world/X-Files” sort of game. It lets me take advantage of all the weird monsters and stuff without the D&D specific baggage.

    (One thing that I have found useful for this is an old game called Pandemonium: Adventures in Tabloid World. The system there is not amazing by any stretch, but it’s got a random adventure generator that is worth its weight in gold.)

  2. Have you heard of XCrawl? It’s basically what you were talking about with Kobold Gladiators, just set in a 47th century fantasy America.

  3. I don’t know a single person who plays D20 Modern without using Urban Arcana.

    It’s funny you mentioned Secret World so much when talking about this, because the one time I ran it I used it to run a game in the Secret World setting.

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