System Mastery 12 – D20 Modern

D20 Modern

Seriously, another edgy urban game with no magic or sci-fi elements at all?  Well, almost.  D20 Modern wants to be every game for everyone, as long as it’s not D&D.  We discuss Stat Heroes, the most boring feats ever, and a crazy wealth system in today’s episode.  Tune in next time as we do our first expansion review, as well.  We’ll be tackling the crazy awesome or awesome crazy D20 Modern: Urban Arcana, the one with the gnoll pimp.

System Mastery is always looking for suggestions.  If you have a specific old RPG you think we should discuss, love it or hate it, let us know in the comments below, find us at, or email us at

2 responses to “System Mastery 12 – D20 Modern

  1. I feel like this podcast was misleading, because it placed emphasis on how simulation-y it was, and the actual game includes things like Action Points as a core mechanic.

  2. D&D 5th Edition didn’t take back the description of hit points as based on mental toughness and luck as well.

    “Hit points represent a combination of physical and
    mental durability. the will to live, and luck. Creatures
    with more hit points are more difficult to kill. Those
    with fewer hit points are more fragile” (PHB 196)

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