System Mastery 10 – Exalted


Seriously, just look at that.  It’s ridiculous.  That’s the cover of one of the supplements.  They wanted you to buy that book.  They didn’t want you to hide it a featureless brown paper bag and try to smokescreen the purchase with a Snickers bar and one of those Bic lighters.  Anyway, this week we read and discussed Exalted, the White Wolf anime demigod simulator.  Can you wear a maxi pad instead of any sort of pants in this game?  Probably!

One response to “System Mastery 10 – Exalted

  1. Fun story, a coworker of my mom’s found out I liked Exalted and bought me that book as a birthday present back in high school. I had to open it and show my parents the cover; it was mortifying, but at least it was a present, right?

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