System Mastery 7 – Everquest D20

eq as well

We’re joined for the first time by a guest host, our good friend Russ, as we discuss Everquest D20, an unholy confluence of 3rd edition open-source D20 gaming and the first modern MMO.  Is that a tank mechanic we found?  And just exactly how much can we digress to talk about Everquest before it’s just an MMO podcast?  We seek those answers here.

One response to “System Mastery 7 – Everquest D20

  1. Point of contention. But when players create gameplay using the existing systems, it’s not called “procedural content” it’s called “emergent gameplay”.

    Procedural generation is more like minecraft where the world is created via a formula, or via values (a seed) going into a formula. Or it can be created by templates and that sort of thing.

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