Horrortoberfest Day 8 – Succubus: Hell-Bent (2007)


I’ll be honest with you.  I actually only chose this movie because the Netflix thing said it had Gary Busey in it and I’ll be damned if I’m going to miss out on that.  Anyway, this film follows Adam, a spoiled rich kid, as he goes on a weekend trip and ends up meeting Lilith, a succubus.  For those that know the reference, yes, har har Adam and Lilith. Lilith then ends up stalking Adam and essentially ruining his life.  Fun trivia time: This was written and directed by Kim Bass better known for his work as a writer for Sister, Sister and Kenan & Kel. I have no idea how you make the jump from that to this.

Adam and his bro Jason are the platonic ideal of douche bag.  They are rich assholes that are focused entirely on getting laid and do not care about anyone else. When Lilith begins stalking Adam, you really want to root for her since he is just entirely unlikeable in any way. Which would make you think that the movie wants to be fairly progressive in the “young man stalked by killer woman” instead of the other way around as you normally see.  The way it goes about it is terrible as Lilith is basically filling that Basic Instinct obsessed, “you said you loved me” stalker that women are so often relegated to as horror villains. Also, almost every single woman in the movie is reduced to being a sexual object with probably the worst being Adam’s girlfriend. When Adam gets back from Cancun, he brings her a necklace that she has to “earn” but before anything happens she sees the scratches from his tryst with Lilith and storms out.  She then comes back that evening, no discussion of the cheating and wants her necklace which she, of course, has to “earn” again.

One of the few amusing and clever things that happened in this is the way it handles the deaths of the people closest to Adam.  When his girlfriend dies, he is questioned by the police and shows no sadness but frustration at being held.  When he and Jason go to a club later (side note: I love that Adam is like “I am being stalked and people are dying around me” and when his buddy suggests they go clubbing he is just like “Yeah that’s a great idea”), Adam even hits on a girl by saying how he’s single since his girlfriend died.  Note that this death occurred maybe 2 or 3 days ago.  Now, at that same club, Lilith ends up killing Jason.  The next scene is of Adam driving with sad, sappy music playing and a blur filter showing how hard it is for him to deal with this.  The only thing to actually affect him is the death of a bro.

The movie also seems to want to say something about movies in general and how we view women.  Adam is a film student and he is shown filming women on the beach in Cancun and they tape their sexual exploits as well. It almost seems like there could be some commentary on how filmmakers focus on the female form and overly sexualize things and blah blah male gaze but it immediately drops that after about 20 minutes and only briefly comes back to it towards the end.  Also, speaking of brief appearances, here are a list of actual actors that somehow got talked into giving 5 minutes of screen time to this shitshow: Gary Busey, Lorenzo Lamas, Kelly Hu, and David Keith (I was kind of sad it wasn’t Keith David instead). Disappointed in the level of weird that Busey brought since he was only mildly strange instead of uncomfortably crazy.

Overall this seemed really scattered without any sort of focus or purpose behind it. What could have been at least a decent revenge type horror film where an unlikeable character gets his comeuppance, it actually ends with Adam stabbing Lilith through the heart and “winning” (he is still arrested and she isn’t actually dead). I give this a 1.5 out of 5 and it gets the extra points for the characters referencing their MySpace pages and those pages actually existing on the site.  Good job on the social media, shitty movie.

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