Episode 2 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Hey there Mr. Skippy!  Not sure how you found your way to our little corner of the web, did you get lost while trying to find that hot new nightclub?  Anyway, we have one of those things, a pod-thing, that you should check out.  We get down on some awesome reviewage of this basically okay roleplaying game!

There, that was the best attempt we can make at recreating the roughly 300 pages of Buffy-style dialog we slaved over to bring you a hot fresh System Mastery.  Enjoy!

3 responses to “Episode 2 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  1. On the topic of the game’s slang/cadence – are you saying that the game basically makes every player be Xander?

    Because nobody should be Xander. Not even Xander should be Xander.

  2. I actually run a Buffy campaign–it was my first real campaign, come to think of it–and I learned three things.

    One, you need to set it in the 90s; if they all have cell phones and YouTube it goes to hell PDQ.

    Two, don’t let a munchkin play the Slayer because they’ll build “a cheerleader” who happens to be a combat monster, and THEN they’ll apply the Slayer template. Ugh.

    Three, don’t let a munchkin play the Watcher, because they’ll just whine constantly about how underpowered they feel.

    … so maybe it all comes down to “don’t play this with munchkins.” :P

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