Limited Edition Polo Shirt Order Form

Pride logo shirt.png

If you’re here, you’re looking to get in on our limited edition print run of System Mastery polo shirts.  They’ll have the Pride variant colors you see below, embroidered in full color on polo shirts.  The price is designed to reflect the cost of manufacture and shipping.  There’s no profit margin, we just want the shirts to exist.  If we ever do anything like this in the future, it will probably not be this logo again, and we will work towards a profit, so get in now while it’s cheap!  There are a few caveats that need to be noted, as listed below.

First, this is a custom order run through a website that prints full color embroidery.  They do have a minimum order, so I cannot place this request until I have at least 10 committed shirt orders.  Therefore, if at the end of a 10-day ordering window (by June 30, 2018), if I don’t have ten orders, I’ll refund your money directly back to you through Paypal.

Second, the price listed is for an XL or smaller shirt.  Because Texas apparently hates big people (weird, right?  Texas!) the price jumps about 4 bucks from XL to 2XL and then by another dollar for each extra X after that.  If you want a 2XL or larger shirt, just fill out the form below and I’ll work out your price and email you about the paypal details.  Same for if you’d like an unusual custom cut (tall, for example) or color, there are fancier shirts available that what I’m ordering generally, but they are more expensive.

Finally, the order does include shipping price, if you live in the continental US.  I know we have Australian and European listeners.  I don’t want to leave you out of ordering, but the shipping price will be higher.  The company that manufactures the shirts is in Texas, there’s no way around it.  If you want a shirt anyway, just fill out the form below and note your country in the comment field, I’ll do by best to figure out a price and get that to you via email.

Limited Edition System Mastery Pride Polo Shirt

If you're ordering a XL or smaller polo shirt in a basic color and you live in the US, you can skip a few steps and just pay us right here. There is a minimum buy-in for the shirt order, so I cannot process these orders until I receive at least ten individual clothing item orders (the two of us are getting one as well to hit the actual 12 minimum). After 10 days, if we are still at less than 10 individual orders, I'll refund your payment directly through paypal again. Note that larger sizes, custom requests (such as tall fits), and shipping outside the US are all possible, they just cost more and will require a custom paypal payment. In those cases, just fill out the form and I'll reach out to you in email and work out the actual price. Don't pay here in those cases!